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Poggio a Caiano is a charming little town on the bottom of Monte Albano, in the beautiful plain bounded to the north by the Appennino chain and where are laying the beautiful cities of Florence, Prato and Pistoia.
To reach the place of the competition or simply to visit our artistic and cultural beauty, lovely landscape and (why not) enjoy our gastronomic specialities the easiest ways are:

  • From the north: motorway A11 exit "Prato Est" keep the tree- lined road that goes to the Prato City center, at the first roundabout keep your left and following the sign to Poggio a Caiano.

  • From the east: from the east suburb of Florence keep the way SR 66 to Pistoia, after about 16 th kilometres you will be in Poggio a Caiano.

  • From the south: from the highway Firenze-Pisa-Livorno (FI-PI-LI) take LASTRA A SIGNA Exit go straight to PONTE A SIGNA, then cross the river Arno and follow the main street to reach INDICATORE, turn left to the SR 66 to Poggio a Caiano.

  • From the West : motorway A11 exit Pistoia follow the sign to Prato, to the first traffic light turn right take the SR 66 to Florence after 18 th kilometres you will reach Poggio a Caiano.

Map of the Common of Poggio a Caiano